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Jasper's dedicated to letting others know they’re valued.
They're filled with bright energy and wisdom, and absolutely capable of lighting the way to a better path for their clients.


I am new to experiencing my own magic. Queer Conjure's custom spells helped me connect to it. Jasper's personal touches were just what I needed to confidently get the outcome I was looking for. Thank you!

T. C.

Jasper is so full of life and light! They are committed to integrity, community and dismantling systems of colonization.  Jasper walks the talk and is a unique and beautiful expression of divine queer culture.  They are thoughtful, empathic, joyful, practical and kind.


Jasper's talent for empathy and understanding allowed me to explore the shadowy parts of myself without judgement. I now feel more grounded and clear about my values, boundaries, and connections.


Their lovingly rebellious nature is without parallel. If you have been harmed by religion but crave a connection with the mysterious, then Jasper is the coach for you.


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