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Literature Review Health Topics

8. Impact of the health prom ot i ng int e rvent i ons on publi c hea l t h 9. AIDS: Its social im pa c t 10. Epidemiological pa t t e rns a bout c a rdi ovasc ul a r risks 11. Improving outcomes of pregnanc y and ca re 12. Community nursing role i n i m proving el de rl y l i fe 13. Community nursing prac t i c e hea l t h promot i on 14.

  • A literature review is an overview of the previously published works on a specific topic. The term can refer to a full scholarly paper or a section of a scholarly work such as a book, or an article. E

  • Literature review

  • Mental health nursing and the importance it has for the patient outcome 13. Caring for patient with mental diseases 14.. Here you can see different nursing literature review topics as well as some advice that will be helpful to your writing. Here is the list:


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