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Honoring Intuition

Honoring Intuition

With The Queen of Cups

By Jasper Joy

January 2, 2022

The queen of cups has set his throne upon the shifting sands of the ocean's shore, aware of but unconcerned with the ebb and flow of the tides. He moves along with the fluctuations of this sacred beach- but do not mistake his fluidity for being wishy-washy. His gaze fixed softly upon his chalice of divination is indicative of his resolve and patience. He is the ultimate embodiment of water's spiritual power. The guardian of feelings, relationships, love, the soul.... his labor is to model intimacy and vulnerability for the rest of us. For this we honor his gift of intuition. For this we try to emulate his commitment to introspection. Within his wake we hear whale songs with our hearts and swim with merfolk in our dreams. This gender-queer queen shows up for our sensitive hearts with compassion and understanding. He holds and sees and loves the parts of us that others have judged as "too much". He offers us the waters of healing.

Create an altar with shimmery fabrics for this queen. Anything holographic will do. Adorn it with sea shells, tea cups or little bowls, images of whales, fish, and mermaids. On a piece of paper write "I will honor my intuition". Then roll it up into a little scroll and tie it with blue string. Add it to this altar you have created for the Queen of Cups. In the mornings, pour fresh water into whatever vessel you have chosen for this space. Repeat the words "I will honor my intuition" in soft whispers that remind you of the sea. Whisper it until you feel it. In your journal, record what you remember about your dreams.

The Queen of Cups is aaaaalllllll water, and corresponds with the zodiac sign Cancer. Feelings in themselves aren't harmful or dangerous, but when we react too quickly from them our lives can turn into a hot mess. On the other hand, if we push all of our feelings down and don't allow them an outlet, then there will be no room for intimacy in our lives. This queen calls on you to find the

balance. How can you keep one foot on the shore one foot in the ocean?

If you have a tarot deck, pull out your Queen of Cups and place him on your altar. Let this card remind you to lead with your heart, but don't let your emotions run your life. Trust your gut. Be flexible and resilient. Just take a deep breath and go with the flow.

Blessed be.

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