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Embody Abundance

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Embody Abundance

With The Queen Of Pentacles

By Jasper Joy

November 24th, 2021

Disclaimer: Please. Be aware of your mental health, emotional state, resources and bodily safety when practicing any kind of magic. Witchcraft is a powerful skill learned over time and is potentially harmful when not practiced with respect and care.

The Queen of Pentacles is waiting for you in the clearing before the river. This guardian is steady as stone yet soft as rabbit fur. They are ready to feed you fruits and savory pies. They are ready to meet your needs and sate your desires, finding their own pleasure in the acts of doing so. The Queen fears no resentment or burnout because they are Nurture Incarnate. They are Earth and embody confidence by being so grounded. They are here to keep you warm, fed, sheltered, and safe. This is your body’s support system. This is the energy you need for secure attachment. The Queen Of Pentacles knows what intuition feels like in the flesh and how to access it when needed. They know how to utilize their resources.

Create a small altar for this Queen with coins, green cloth, and maybe even your favorite house plant. On a small paper write the words “I will embody abundance.” Create a tiny scroll with this paper (tied with green string) and add it to your altar. Add pretty rocks and dried herbs if available. In the morning, feed this altar with pinches of salt or drops of coffee with cream. As you do so, repeat the incantation “I will embody abundance.” In the evenings, journal what those words mean to you.

The Queen of Pentacles often corresponds with Earth, Water, and Capricorn. Reflect on the physical sensations that happen in your body alongside certain emotions. Where do you feel your joy? In your chest? Where do you feel your stress? In your shoulders? Consider celebrating the ways in which you’ve been responsible lately AND accept yourself as human. We are all a work in progress. Treat yourself fairly.

If you have a Tarot deck, take the Queen Of Pentacles and place them on your altar. Let the imagery infuse your coming days with abundance. You deserve to have your needs met. Be nurturing to those who matter to you.

Blessed be.

(Image is from the deck Tarot For All Ages)

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