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Discovering Harmony

Discovering Harmony

with the Queen of Wands

By Jasper Joy


The Queen of Wands does not need approval, yet we flock to her with inspired curiosity. Or we are jealous of her. Either way, this Queen has fully integrated her shadow self while maintaining her playful and passionate nature. She shapes the world around her with bright colors and bold brush strokes. She teaches us what it feels like to live a life that is whole. She reminds us that we were not broken in the first place and no parts of ourselves deserve exiling. She models the discovery of harmony for the rest of us. Her two guides- the shadow and the inner child- help her navigate an existence that is sustainable and artistic.

Create a small altar for this queen with red cloth, art supplies, fragrant candles, images of salamanders, and spicy herbs. Write “I can live in harmony” on a piece of paper. Roll it into a scroll and tie it with a red string. In the mornings, feed your Queen of Wands altar by lighting the candles and speaking the words “I can live in harmony” over the flame. Use the journal prompt “I discover harmony when…” and see what comes up for you.

The Queen of Wands is fire and water. An alchemist. She corresponds with the zodiac sign Aries. She can have compassion for your insecurities but really just wants you to “do the thing already!”. There have been too many delays, too many excuses. What is that creative goal you haven’t been treating as a priority? Or, if you are tending to your passion project, what are you doing to stay balanced?

If you have a tarot deck, pull out the Queen of Wands and place her on your altar. Let her positive imagery fuel your confidence. Believe in your creative dreams and put them into action. Live in harmony with the creative flame you carry within yourself.

Blessed be.

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