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Communicating Boundaries

Communicating Boundaries

With The Queen of Swords

By Jasper Joy

December 10, 2021

Disclaimer: Please. Be aware of your mental health, emotional state, resources and bodily safety when practicing any kind of magic. Witchcraft is a powerful skill learned over time and is potentially harmful when not practiced with respect and care.

The Queen of Swords dares you to face the truth. Her history of hardship has created a resilient bullshit barometer and she doesn't shy away from reality. There is no clouded judgment here; she’s learned from her past and is wise because of it. Sure, compassion is present and emotions are considered. It’s just that facts and logic are the discerning factors for this Queen. She is the guardian of fairness and insists on accountability. That RBF isn’t callous, though. Or cruel. This is a person you can trust because her values system runs deep. If she decides you value honesty and equity as much as she does then you have yourself a fiercely loyal friend. But if you have been blaming others for your problems, acting entitled to resources that don’t belong to you, or lying to your loved ones…. Then she is here to call you the f*** out!

Create a small altar for this Queen with blue cloth, your favorite pen, feathers, images of butterflies, and incense. On a piece of paper answer the question “what are my boundaries and how do I hold them?” Remember that good boundaries foster intimacy rather than shut people out. Create a scroll with this paper (tied with blue string) and add it to your altar. Feel free to add any other tokens that remind you how important clear communication can be. In the mornings, feed your altar with the incense smoke or drops of water and repeat the phrase “I know how to communicate my boundaries”.

The Queen of Swords often corresponds with Air, Water, and Libra. Reflect on the way your mind spends energy throughout the day. Are you judging yourself or others too harshly? Are you making assumptions? Or are you waiting for the surface of the water to still so you can see the bottom of the pond? Remember to live a life that is deeply in alignment with your principles. No one is perfect; we all mess up. Doing repair work after we mess up is part of the process.

If you have a Tarot deck, place your Queen of Swords on the altar. Let the imagery clear your mind and steady your words. Firm communication of boundaries sometimes can (unintentionally) hurt feelings, but those who love you will learn to respect them in time.

Blessed Be.

(Image is from the deck Tarot For All Ages)

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