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Jasper Joy

Hey Queer Witches...

Queer Conjure is the magical creation

and the sacred project of Jasper Joy...

Jasper Joy is a white genderqueer witch, tarot scholar, writer, and spiritual elder-babe residing among the rightful homelands of the Eastern Band of Cherokee people, both past and present. (Also known as Asheville, NC.) Their work is defined by open hearted ethics, neurodivergent experiences, and a blatant disrespect for the state. Jasper loves supporting queer and trans beings in areas of ADHD-friendly meditation, daily tarot practice, moon magic and the sacred trans experience. As a child of the late eighties and early nineties, Jasper was raised by gay new-agers, sober lesbian Buddhists, and was an initiate of a wiccan temple for all of their twenties. Their more recent training(s) and mentorships have focused on tarot, spiritual support sessions, anti-racism, life coaching, and harm reduction. Jasper has near-future plans of becoming an interspiritual minister, Reverend Witch. All of Jasper's offerings can be found at They are also active on Instagram and TikTok.

Jasper's Bio: Welcome

Queer Conjure's Virgo Extraordinaire!

Ava, they/he/she

Introducing Ava! 

Ava is a genderfluid being, currently residing in England. Their great aunt was a Jewish witch, a spiritualist and a tarot reader. His family assimilated out of this heritage and she is consistently learning to reconnect to it. They have some higher education in sociology, which provided him with an intersectional lens that they apply to all works. She is passionate about unraveling our programming related to systems of hierarchy, and how this relates to our connection with all living beings.


 Ava is our resident moss fae, they have a deep connection with non-human beings and he channel’s their knowings for our monthly newsletter. Ava also has a knack for sorting and organizing, he uses these gifts for a variety of quests within a business model. Some of these tasks include (but are not limited to) creating visual representation of offerings, editing writing, finding tangible ways to present your gifts, and anchoring ideas into fully fledged works. 


They are skilled in canva, instagram content creation, editing content copy, and graphic design. Avas gifts can also be handy for transforming a brainstorm session into next steps, or finished ideas. The way she sees it, they are akin to a friendly fae, smoothing out the rough edges and translating your messages to any other creature who could benefit from them.

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