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How My Prices Work

as an anticapitalist witch

The bottom line: We’ve all got bills to pay. It’s rough. Capitalism, sheesh! Can we throw Capitalism in the compost pile, already? It’s starting to smell…

All of my booking services require a $40 deposit upon booking. The sliding scale rate for each service is as follows:

Spiritual Life Coaching $78-180

Tarot $65-95

Spell Work $55-200

Your fee (minus the $40 deposit) is due at the time of your session. When you are deciding what to pay, please be honest with yourself about what you can afford rather than just considering the cheapest amount. Please remember that I work with under resourced queer and trans folks. Your higher fees make room for their access. 

Pay What You Can Comrade

As an anti-capitalist Witch, it is my ideal dream to never turn anyone away for lack of funds. The reality I must exist in, however, currently allows a limited amount of spaces available for pay-what-you-can clients. Sometimes there is a waiting list and I always bump trans BIPOC to the top of that waiting list. To ask to be added to the list or inquire about current availability, please send me an email titled “Pay What You Can, Comrade” to

You can pay me via 

Venmo: Jasper Joy @jasperjoy 


PayPal: Jennifer Boysen,

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