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About Jasper Joy

My Story

My name is Jasper Joy (they/them) and I am a white colonizer residing in the rightful homeland of the Eastern Band of Cherokee people, both past and present. Also known as Asheville, NC.

Some identities I feel comfortable claiming: white, queer elder, witch, genderqueer, transgender, polyamorous, writer, anarchist, parent, intuitive, community chemist, veusian babe.

I’ve been diagnosed with so many weird labels throughout the years. These days I just call myself neuro-queer. I bring this up because holding space for sensory needs and big emotions is a foundational part of my practice.

 My blood ancestors are danish, german, and english. My Queer and Trans ancestors are the ones I pay the most respect to. The Artists and the Activists. The Remembered and the Forgotten. The Lost Elders who continue to guide us to revolution.

As a child of the late eighties and early nineties, I was raised by gay new-agers, sober lesbian Buddhists, and was an initiate of a wiccan temple for all of my twenties. All three of these communities were problematic and harmful in various ways. I still have a lot of repair work to do because of them. But they also gave me precious skill-sets of ritual, witchcraft, meditation, community care, love, and a sacred relationship with Earth and Moon, Sun and Venus. 

My more recent trainings and mentorships have focused on tarot, queer magic, anti-racism, life coaching, and harm reduction.

I love supporting queer and trans beings in areas of spiritual daily practice, magic, love, long term goals, joy, and the sacred trans experience. I offer sliding scale 1:1 tarot readings.  I also  facilitate a weekly meditation group and a weekly book club (we focus on books of abolition, magic, and community care). I center queerness in all that I do. I am the creator of Tarot For Top Surgery, which is a team of tarot readers building a scholarship program for top surgery seekers. I am currently creating a private group called Sustaining Witches where most of my work-shop content will be accessible.

If you are interested in working with me in a way I have yet to describe, please do reach out to me! I’m happy to consult.

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